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Oprakon is a professional Merchant Export House, with focus on quality, safety & timely delivery. Our exposure & expertise of over 2 decades, in serving the export market helps us to understand the business, with umpteen focus. We export products from across all categories such as Agriculture Products,Ceramic Sanitaryware & Bathroom Fitting,Ceramic Tiles,Hardware Product,Plastic Products,Pulses,Spices,Tea & Coffee,Coconut,Gains. Our portfolio includes multiple Commodities, client & geographies across the globe. We are a leading merchant exporter, with over 5 years of expertise & experience.

Oprakon, is a perfect blend of experienced professionals from the technical, commercial, trading/logistics and financial background. This combined with the Company’s vision backed by professional competence, passion, and unrelenting efforts have led to building its trust amongst the importers, from various countries.

Our Mission


Our mission as an all-products exporter is to transcend boundaries, connecting the world through a diverse array of top-quality offerings. We aim to be a beacon of reliability, consistently delivering excellence and innovation across global markets.

Striving for sustainable practices, we're committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing positive social impact. Our dedication to customer satisfaction fuels our relentless pursuit of understanding and meeting diverse needs with unparalleled service.

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At our core, integrity reigns supreme—we uphold transparent practices, fostering trust in every partnership. Quality is our unwavering commitment, embedded in every step of our process, ensuring excellence across our extensive product range.

Innovation fuels our progress, driving us to explore new horizons and deliver cutting-edge solutions. Sustainability is not just a goal; it's a responsibility we embrace, striving for eco-conscious practices in every facet of our operations.


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We have 5 years experience in construction

Ceramic Sanitaryware & Bathroom Fitting
Ceramic Tiles
Hardware Product
Plastic Products